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    Animated Series/Show

    War Zone

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    Animated Series/Show

    Post  War Zone on Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:09 pm

    If I were to make films,it would start with Punisher Born, and then Welcome Back Frank, filmed frame by frame.
    However, from the point where we are, I think a better shot may be a animated series. I know "cartoon", but think about it. Steve Dillon type drawings, it is simplistic enough for animation. I'd like to see "Welcome Back Frank" animated, on the style of Spawn and Gotham Knights. A live action TV show, for HBO, could be to expensive, and might not grab enough attention. If you polled Punisher fans and got the best stories, animate them in order from that list. There would be enough for 3 good seasons at least. An animated series or movie is very possible, if they do it like Spawn (great show) which aired on HBO back in the 90's. No one wants to see the Punisher torned down again like he was when he appeared back in the 90's Spider-Man cartoon.


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    Re: Animated Series/Show

    Post  Punisher_MAX on Tue Mar 10, 2009 11:18 pm

    Welcome Back Frank would definitely work as a gory cartoon.
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    Re: Animated Series/Show

    Post  Blitzkrieg Bop on Sat Apr 04, 2009 9:29 pm

    Thinking about it, I feel that a series is the best way to go. I'm sure Stevenson would be up for it no matter what happened. I'd prefer if it were live action, but look what happened to that Blade series. It would definitely have to be on one of the premium channels, as said earlier, as Castle sucked on that crap cartoon. He was just a jackass with a jet pack and a teal head band. Now, another movie seems unlikely, as both theatrical films haven't done enough to automatically warrant a sequel, especially War Zone. But a series would surely get better word of mouth and it would give us more Punisher. Which is something we all want.

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    Re: Animated Series/Show

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