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    Favorite moments

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    Favorite moments

    Post  Blitzkrieg Bop on Fri Apr 10, 2009 4:51 pm

    Punisher: War Zone is definitely full of great moments. Great action, humor, just all around fun. Now I'd have to say that my favorite moments were:
    The opening kill scene- Frank kills 32 people in this scene alone, while Jane only killed 25 people in his whole movie.
    Jim telling Jigsaw he looked great.
    Jim "meowing" at one of the Russians.
    Grenade launcher to the Parkour-loving gang member
    Frank dropping the other free running crook on a fence, then landing on his head, breaking his neck, on the way down.
    Budiansky reading Frank his "Miranda rights."
    "God damn it, Castle!"
    Soap telling Budiansky that the Punisher is a tricky one.
    "I axed you a question."
    Frank's assault on the Brad Street Hotel.
    The final scene, as we all know, the Punisher saves. Cool

    What are your favorites?

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